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Jail Break Card Game Up On Kickstarter Now

Some see jail as a place to reflect upon the wrong that they've done and wait out their time. Others see it as a temporary inconvenience until they can escape. In Jail Break, you play as inmates distinctly in that second category. You've gotta get out, and you know just how to do it. All you need to do is get your supplies and make it out. If only it were just that easy, though.

The game, for 2-6 players, sees you racing against the other inmates in order to get out of the slammer before your time is paid. But obviously, escaping jail isn't easy, and there are plenty of pitfalls along the way. There's rival gangs of inmates, guards, and other obstacles. Navigate through the halls and get a set of blueprints, a tool to help you escape, a keycard, and then end up in the right room to make it out.