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Jadepunk RPG up now on Kickstarter

Jadepunk is an RPG that combines elements of wuxia and steampunk into a single setting using the Fate Core system. They're looking for funding over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Jadepunk is a Fate Core roleplaying game setting that combines elements of wuxia and steampunk.

The world in which Kausao City rests has no access to sources of gunpowder or crude oil. In their place, refined mystic jade provides power and utility to mechanical devices known as "Jadetech". These devices are responsible for all manner of technology, from the gunslinger's red jade six-shooting pistol, to a Triad members green jade tattoo of protection, to airships that don't sail on the sea, but on the very wind itself!

While Jadetech helps make the world a more luxurious place, it is not perfect. Kausao City has long sat atop the largest deposits of jade, which is why the newly renamed Jade Shogun attacked. Under his oppressive thumb, the new aristocracy pillages jade from the city's once proud denizens. Heroes of great skill and bravery are needed to overthrow the evil Jade Shogun. Will you rise to the challenge?