IWM post new web only BattleTech and AeroTech releases

Iron Wind Metals have added new web-only BattleTech and AeroTech releases to their online store.

Word of Blake Tengu Battle Armor

From their website:

IWM has just added 10 brand new BattleTech and AeroTech designs to it’s BT line of web only products…

  • BT-198 Word of Blake Tengu Battle Armor
  • BT-199 Word of Blake Asura Battle Armor
  • BT-200 Word of Blake Shedu Assault Battle Armor
  • BT-201 Word of Blake Nephilim Assault Battle Armor
  • BT-202 Rogue Bear Heavy Battle Armor
  • BT-203 Ibex Armed SUV
  • BT-204 Deathstalker Micro Scale Fighter
  • BT-205 Interdictor Pocket Warship
  • BT-206 Arondight Pocket Warship
  • BT-207 Delphyne ProtoMech