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IWillNeverGrowUp introduces Industrial Production Chips

IWillNeverGrowUp has new Industrial Production Chips (no, they're not for eating) with which you can keep track of things.

From the release:

I Will Never Grow Up is proud to introduce Industrial Production Chips!

Game in style with I Will Never Grow Up's new Industrial Production Chips.

These casino grade poker chips are the perfect replacement for paper money (or worse, a notepad) in Axis and Allies and other strategy style games. Industrial Production Chips won’t rip, tear or blow away and you will never have to worry about writing down values.

Show off your economic strength or intimidate and distract your opponents with a huge stack of these stylish and durable Industrial Production Chips.

Each Industrial Production Chip is a casino quality 10 gram, 39mm x 3mm ceramic poker chip!

Each set contains 50 custom chips and retails for $54.95 (plus applicable shipping).