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It's Hammer Wars Time

One Page Rules has released their Hammer Wars rules set. They're free to download, so why not check them out?



From them to you:

As some of you may know, we have been working toward updating all of our core system to 2nd edition for a while, and it shall probably take a few more months before we roll them all out. Fear not however, because today we bring you something completely different: Hammer Wars!

Hammer Wars is the first in a series of system-agnostic games that we are going to release over the coming months. Basically these are games designed to be played with any miniatures you have, regardless of manufacturer.

Today’s release is a small-scale miniatures wargame inspired by RTS video games. In an alternate universe where battleships from the 41st millennium have crashed on the warhammer world, get ready to fight where fantasy meets sci-fi!