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It's a Judge Dredd new release extravaganza at Warlord Games

Warlord Games has a bevy of new Judge Dredd Miniatures available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Over the last couple of weeks we've released loads of new goodies for the Judge Dredd miniatures game.

The latest force boxed set is the East Meg Invasion Force. A Sov Judge Invasion Force is designed to eradicate all resistance in Mega-City One. With well-equipped and well-trained judges, not to mention the dreaded Sentenoids, it is very much an elite force. The boxed set contains the following metal miniatures:

* Sov Officer
* Senior Sov Judge
* 3 Sov Judges
* Sentenoid
* Satellat

Another new force hits the streets, er, skies - the Sky Surfer gang. A juve lucky enough to be able to afford a power board gets a one way ticket to cool - and a life of extreme excitement and danger. Engaging in impromptu (and highly illegal) races and using the power board to aid crime, usually petty theft and scrawling in hard to reach places, these juves can keep an entire block terrified, literally striking from the sky. They can be found on our webstore.

We couldn't release the Sky Surfers without the most famous hover board rider of them all - Chopper, in his Midnight Surfer guise. You can add him to your force as a mercenary.

If you Justice Department force needs some serious assistance they don't come any tougher than Holocaust Judge in H/S2 armour! The Holocaust Judge is deployed only in the most exceptional circumstances. Highly trained, highly experienced, and equipped with the best armour the Justice Department can devise, he is sent into the most dangerous of situations and expected to lay down his life for Mega-City One if required.

We've also pulled together this handy Justice Department paint set to help you get your Judges onto the streets and dispensing justice as fast as possible.

For those interested in getting started with games set in Mega-City One, the Cursed Earth ore other locations in the Dredd world, we have to great starting points...

Firstly we have the hardback Judge Dredd rulebook. This lavish 240-page full-colour time will tell you everything you need to know to play the game. It includes plenty of background as well as rules for campaigns, vehicles, heroes and villains plus several force listings.
The rulebook is also available in electronic form.

We also have the Judge Dredd starter set which is both great value and a fabulous starting point as you look to immerse yourself in the game. The boxed set is available on our webstore and includes:

* Hardback 240-page rulebook
* A getting started booklet
* Mega-City Street Judges boxed set (8 figures)
* Exclusive Street Judge with Lawrod rifle figure
* Mega-City Street Gang boxed set (8 figures)
* Exclusive Mega-City Ganger figure

Don't forgot that any orders over £50 are sent shipping free worldwide and even below that amount postage is a paltry £2 per order!