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iToysoldiers’ Narrative Campaigns Manager Now Available

iToysoldiers is here to give a story to your miniatures games with their Narrative Campaigns Manager program. This will help you turn your league or even just casual games into an ongoing story epic. Add as many factions and rounds as you want. The manager also helps with scoring rounds in a league or tourney, which is always nice.


From the release:

Ahoy, warmongers! I am ridiculously pleased to announce that the Narrative Campaign manager is now live on iToysoldiers. Put your battles into context and forge a narrative with linked battles representing a campaign within the system of your choice. Chronicle your glorious victories and shameful defeats and let the whole world see the story as it unfolds. For more information visit the Narrative Campaign page on iToysoldiers.

Narrative Campaigns allow you to create a series of linked battles that form a story. The results of each phase of the campaign are scored individually and then brought together so that at the end of the campaign a victor is declared. You can craft your own campaign or use one already on the site. It’s a great way to bring your gaming to the next level.

Some of the key features of the iToysoldiers Narrative Campaign System include:

Tell the story. The whole story: There’s a WYSISWYG editor that allows for images and formatted text for both the narrative and mechanics elements of the campaign.

Built to emulate “source books”. Gamers have been grabbing these up for years. Campaign creation on iToysoldiers is intended to provide a similar “look and feel” as campaign sourcebooks from game publishers.

Unlimited Factions: Campaigns aren’t limited by Good vs. Evil. You can add as many factions as you need to craft your campaign.

Unlimited Phases: Got a short three staged campaign planned? Awesome! Have a campaign with multiple branches and outcomes? Even better! The iToysoldiers campaign manager lets you get as creative as you’d like. Campaigns can be timeline based, or location based, or both.

Automatic Scoring: Being an event organizer is tough. It’s even tougher when you have to track down game results, enter them in spreadsheets, and then post the results. iToysoldiers takes care of all that for you. All you have to do is write the story and get those players committed to battle.

Reusable: Once a campaign is constructed anyone can play it. The scores are aggregated so over time it’ll be easy to see which faction is the victor.

There’s lots more – and more to come but those are the highlights. Right now there are two campaigns that are available for anyone to play. The first is a Battletech campaign “The Galtor Campaign”, a classic Battletech campaign that uses the battle force rules. You can get all the book - with all you need to play at Wargame Vault. The second is “The Red Waaagh!” for Warhammer 40K. It lets you track Games Workshop’s first Sanctus Reach campaign. You’ll need the book for all the mission rules which is available from iTunes. More will certainly follow and they'll all be at All you need to do in order to start down the road to war is to click on “Go on Campaign” from an available Campaign page.

I’m really excited to finally have the Narrative Campaign feature in place. Give it a go! To get started all you need to do is “Add a Narrative Campaign” when you're logged into your iToysoldiers account. If you have any problems at all, drop me a line at