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Issue 35 of Figure Painter Magazine Now Available

Seeing as I've recently picked up Guild Ball, I really should think about getting back into painting. It's only a half-dozen models on a team when playing, and there's only about twice that available for each team, anyway. Reading through the pages of Figure Painter Magazine will certainly help me get back up to speed. Issue 35 is available now as well.


The magazine, as usual, contains some great interviews with industry professionals. This time around they've got Raffaele Picca as well as Adam Rosenblum. They also check out figures from Demented Games, MindWork Games, BrokenToad, Deadsculpt, Nutsplanet & Arena Rex. Rounding things off, there also a tutorial by Marta Slursarska.

They're also giving away a gaming table that they've been featuring in their magazine since issue 1.

All that and more, available now.