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Issue #3 of DiceSoup now available online

DiceSoup put issue #3 of their magazine up online for your reading pleasure (for free).

In this issue:

Here is a preview of what to expect from the third issue:

Stick it to the Man: Power to the Players - Game Masters, Dungeon Masters, Storytellers. Whatever name you have for them, it usually falls on their shoulders to create and control most of the content of a campaign or setting. In this article we look into methods that allow for the players at the table to do some of the leg-work, and in doing so, enrich the experience for the entire group!

The Rule of Reason - Our frequent contributor, Ian, says it best: “Realism. Believability. Verisimilitude. Many RPGs and RPG players strive to achieve these things in their games. Well. Okay, maybe just the first two, because who wants to get out a dictionary when you're prepping this week's dungeon romp and/or space piracy? But just what is realism? Why are some things “believable” and some things not?”

Why is Fantasy So Damn Boring? - As role-playing gamers, we are indoctrinated with the Fantasy genre on a regular basis. It does make up the single most popular genre after all. In this article we explore new ways to invigorate the old go-to setting with new energy and creativity.

Tales of the Black Frigate: Part 1 - A homage to the metacomic of a similar name, this new Plot Hook takes your party into the void of space and tests their sanity and ability to survive. Will they break under pressure, or be reforged by their trials? Included in the article is our new beta Sanity mechanic.