Issue 23 of The Campaigner Now Available

When you want to fill up your day with gaming, you can’t go wrong with a gaming magazine. In this case, it’s the 23rd issue of The Campaigner. It’s full of interviews with game designers, articles about such things like Tasmanian radio and episodes (it makes sense when you read it), gaming news, and lots of other things to keep you riveted to the pages.

In this issue:

Out now The Campaigner Issue 23!

In this issue we feature the tactical card game Final War, where the games designer Ben Ellis talks about what inspired the title and how Games Lab brought it to fruition. We talk to the three members of The Dice Men Cometh, and discover how a radio show in Tasmania is helping to establish Australian tabletop worldwide. Writer Stuart Black looks at the growing popularity of introducing episodic content to tabletop games, and how this may effect future players, in The dramatic rise of the episodic board game. Game designer Khairul Hamdan shares his knowledge (and his box of bits) in Put To The Test, where he takes us through the first stages of the prototyping process. All this plus interviews, Terrain Crusade, Featured Hobbyist, News and more.

Head to Issue 23 to pay-what-you-want for the digital download, or order a print issue (while stocks last).