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Issue 18 of The Campaigner Now Available

If you're like me, from the moment you get up until the moment you go to bed, there's something gaming-involved going on. Whether you're looking at gaming news, watching some sort of review video, checking out a Kickstarter, or reading a gaming magazine, there's something going on gaming-wise. Well, to help fill a bit more of the conscious time, there's a new issue of The Campaigner out.

So, what can you expect? There's a feature article about Monstrous, the card-throwing strategy game. That includes an interview with the game's creator, Kim Brebach. Speaking of cards and interviews, there's a look at the documentary, Going Cardboard, with Lorien Green. There's four new submissions for The Creative Challenge, making its return to the magazine. If you're looking at conventions for next year, you can check out articles on ConCentric and PAXAus. All that as well as articles about terrain, news, and more.

The digital version is free, or you can order a print-on-demand copy.