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Isorian Drone Commander Xan Tu Previewed For Beyond the Gates of Antares

You're older than you've ever been, and now you're even older. Eventually, we all pass on from this existence. But that's not such a guarantee in the far-off future existence in Beyond the Gates of Antares. There, it's possible to have your brain placed in a mechanical body (of sorts) and continue living on after your physical body has fallen to pieces. That's just what Xan Tu has done, and he's our new preview for the Battle For Xilos book.

This preview isn't as in-depth as some of the previous ones, but we do get a few snippets of what Xan Tu can do. We know he's both a Drone unit as well as a Command unit. He's also cheaper than many other units, mostly because he doesn't have any weapons on him. Well, there is his nano probe net upgrade. He can also bring along extra Nhamak type drones if you want.