Island Surf dexterity game up on Kickstarter

Island Surf is a game where you have to surf your board over marbles and around little islands. They’re up on Kickstarter now and looking for some funding.

Island Surf


From the campaign:

In Island Surf you ride a wave of marbles. Moving from marble to marble while balancing your surf board is a satisfying challenge. After years of play I can still make mistakes, yet new players are able to enjoy surfing after just a few seconds of practice.

Players race around a course of islands. On a player’s turn, marbles are moved on the mat to make a wave and the surf board is moved along that wave. Building a wave is a push-your-luck situation; the farther you space marbles, the greater distance you can surf, but the harder it can be to reach the next marble.

Player’s marbles remain on the table and can be used by the other players to catch up to them. As the wave grows, players make strategic choices about which marbles they move on their turn. It’s that balance of dexterity and strategy that keeps the game interesting for a long time.