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Island of Ryne tournament pack now available for Relics

Tor Gaming is also getting into the "tourney pack" mode with their Island of Ryne pack that's now available.

From the update:

So, by now you will have downloaded the full Relics rules in pdf format for free.
Anyway, now you have them but maybe you are thinking 'If only there was a way for me to play this in a more competitive manner in a system that actually takes my results into account for the next phase.

Well, you may be interested to know we have just released the first part of the Island of Ryne campaign system.

The campaign is made up of three tournaments, each one played wherever you want. After you have completed the each tournament, you can send the results back to us and we will use the outcome of that tournament all over the world to influence the next tournament!

Oh, and the good thing is it's a slow grow tournament, so your armies can grow with the Relics new releases as you work your way from one tournament to the next!

So, if you are interested in taking running the tournament, or want your local tournament centre to run it so you can take part you can download the pack