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Island of Bees Announces Westbound RPG

If it's Eastbound and down, I guess it'd be Westbound and up. At the very least, Westbound is a new western-themed RPG from Island of Bees. The setting is a mixture of classic fantasy RPG elements like Elves and Dwarves but paired up with six-shooters, gunfights at the saloon, and saving ranchers daughters from bandits. The basic version of the game is available for free, so why not go check it out? The system uses a poker deck for it's randomization mechanic.

About the game:

Westbound is a new tabletop RPG made by Island of Bees, an indie games company from Calgary, Canada. Westbound is a Fantasy Adventure game set in the West, where Elves and Dwarves must address gunpowder and unstable magic at the turn of the century. The Westbound Basic Edition is free to download, and there are video tutorials on our website to get anyone started.

Westbound has a robust and unique gameplay system, utilizing 52 card decks for players and game-masters in a lively Western Setting. The system is intuitive, easy to learn, and was specifically made for Firearm combat. Adventuring and Combat are both intense and entertaining, with every decision having meaning in both the short and long term of an adventure. With the exhaustion system, battles that would normally last hours are now drawn to a decisive and climactic conclusion!

Character Creation in Westbound has been called addictive, with its 10 Sorts, 8 Breeds, 12 Archetypes, and over 60 traits. Character Creation supports Width over Height, where Characters do not become more powerful as they level, but become more resourceful instead. Westbound also has a crafting system, which includes Tinkering, Blacksmithing, Alchemy, and Runeing. Each of these crafts can be integrated; creating weapons that cross disciplines.