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Irregular Miniature Paintfest 2011

Sheffield Irregulars have posted details of the Irregular Miniature Paintfest 2011. From their announcement:
Sheffield Irregulars, in association with Baccus 6mm and Patriot Games, are proud to announce IMP 2011. Irregular Miniature Paintfest Sunday July 17th, 10am-4pm Free admission Having been based at Patriot Games for the last two years, we're moving to a bigger and better venue - &&, an easy five minute walk from the train station, and only ten minutes from the bus station. As with previous years, the main attraction (in our view) will be the third The Workstation, along with our infamous Speed Painting challenge - sponsored, this year, by West Wind Productions. The current category details are listed on the website, and the range of options is set to increase.
In our ongoing quest to build a better show, we're introducing Golden IMP Awards and participation games, as well as demo and two traders. So, if you fancy picking up some of the Studio McVey from the man himself, for example, this will be your chance. We're able to announce two seminars-cum-Q&A-sessions that we're going to be hosting on the day. After all, what's the use in having conference rooms if you're not going to use them? The first is with the Polemos Design Team - these are the guys that write the 6mm rules systems sold by Baccus 6mm. They'll be fielding questions both of the games themselves, and the process in developing them that they use. The second is with everyone's favourite Italian games designer, Alessio Calvatore, who I'm sure needs no further introduction. He'll be taking questions on his work over the last fifteen yeas, be that with Games Workshop, Mantic, Warlord or even with his own games.