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Irregular Magazine Summer/Autumn 2016 Issue Now Available

Looking at the calendar, it's still summer (going by Northern hemisphere here, obviously). But, to me and a lot of other people I know, they're already ready for autumn (hell, my Kroger has Halloween decorations out). So, it seems like it'd be a great time to come out with the Summer/Autumn issue of your magazine, if you were to release them in such a fashion. Irregular Magazine does that, and hey, their latest issue is available.


So, what can you expect in this issue? They take a look at several events from the year. And it's not just huge things like Salute (though they do cover Salute). They also have just a small Bolt Action tourney. So you can get a look at the big and the small of gaming. There's also several reviews of things like an adventure for 5th Edition D&D as well as the Imperial Space Marine anniversary figure. Want to make your own planets and moons for space-based games? There's a tutorial on that.

All that and more. Pick up your copy today.