Irregular Magazine issue 5 now out

Irregular Magazine issue 5Issue 5 of Irregular Magazine is now available for download or sale.

From their announcement:
Irregular Magazine Issue 5 / Summer ‘10 is out now. 108 pages, no adverts, free to download.

It’s a bumper issue to celebrate our 1st anniversary and to make it really special we’ve made it available in print as well as a downloadable PDF. The quality of the print version is equivalent to a standard codex from a leading wargames company.

Download for free or buy a print-on-demand copy.

Featured contents:
• Interview with Black Library author, Gav Thorpe
• How to create blood and gore effects
• Painting 1/72 miniatures
• Free wargames supplement
• Elf pinup
• Win Dragon Forge Design goodies in our miniature painting competition

• WAB Dark Age Campaign
• Cornwall & Sheffield for A Very British Civil War
• Running a covert ops campaign
• Blast from the past
• Two short stories
• More interviews
• More tutorials
• News and reviews
• and much, much more.

Print version costs £16.63 plus postage for 108 full colour pages.

By using a print-on-demand service like Lulu, we are able to bring you a top quality printed version without the overheads of standard distribution. The costs are all related to the print service, Irregular has added no extra charges, so this is as cheap as we can make it.