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Irrationial Number Line Games Goes Cro-Magnon

Irrational Number Line Games gets pre-historical with their latest release. Hunter Gatherer is a new supplement for QILS and available to download now.

Hunter Gatherer


From the release:

Our new game, Hunter Gatherer is a prehistoric fantasy skirmish game designed for our (free!) QILS gaming system. It sets 2-4 tribes of 28mm cavemen against each other, dinosaurs, and the world itself in a pitched battle for survival.

Tribes will have to hunt and gather food as well as protect their stores from hungry velociraptors and possibly invading tribes. You will need to balance your tribe's approach to all these activities and plan for contingencies beyond your control to come out on top. Bashing a few heads with a club, helps too.

The book includes:
•a full campaign system, consisting of two four-phase seasons
•layout for all the phases, including 2D print an play flats for terrain
•a-fold paper minis for cavemen, Neanderthals, dinosaurs, and mammoths
•petroglyph score sheets to track your progress and establish dominance for your tribe