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Irrational Number Line Games Suffers Brain Freeze

Irrational Number Line Games downed their Frosted Orange too fast and now they've got a bad case of Brain Freeze.

Brain Freeze


From the release:

Just in time for Halloween, it's survival-supplies-collecting, candy-shuffleboarding, driving-around-in-an-ice-cream-truck, tearin-up-a-deck-of-cards, chucking-frozen-desserts-at-zombies mayhem! Print-n-play (well, print, cut-out, fold, glue, and then play) ice cream truck included!

This is a 28mm beer-n-pretzels type zed game with some unique and fun mechanisms like replacing hit charts and tables with flicking a piece of candy in shuffleboard manner on to a hit chart and tearing up the cards from a deck to keep track of hits (don't worry ... there are alternate rules at the back if you can't find scads of decks of cheap playing cards).

The game is released under Wargame Vault's pay-what-you-want system. Since you could grab it for free, we went ahead and made the whole book browseable in .pdf preview at WGV. Check it out. Read it. Figure out what it's worth to you before you buy.

The .pdf includes:
•Full rules for the game with alternate non-tearing-up cards rules
•Horrifying illustrations ... no, really ... they're that bad
•A handful of variants and options at the end
•Print-n-play buildings and ice-cream truck required for the game
•Not nearly as many hypens as in this write-up