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Irrational Number Line Games searches for Buried Treasure

Irrational Number Line Games released Buried Treasure, their new game of finding the X that marks the spot.

Buried Treasure


From the release:

And only you can find it. Well, and maybe those other guys sitting across the table...

Buried Treasure is a 2-5 team fantastical pirate competition to find, excavate, and escape from a perilous desert island with wealth untold.

Even better, it is offered at Wargame Vault under the "pay what you want" system. That's right. If you think its worth a couple bucks, pay a couple bucks. If you think it should be free, get it free. If you think it is worth $1000, seek professional help.

The game is written for and comes with complete stats for our free QILS game, and has guidelines to covert it to other systems. The end material has a ton of other options so you can get a lot of different play from the scenario, as well as port it to other genres like sci-fi, fantasy, post apoc, or film noir ... anywhere where people are fighting over a secret treasure.