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Irrational Number Line Games Releases SciFi Battle Scenario with Weather

Irrational Number Line Games has released a new scenario for Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish called A Season in Hel.


From the release:

This supplement provides a short science-fiction campaign for control of a strategically critical spaceport, Hel.

There are three main battles, the optional ones (depending on choice, and how things go), and a one-off adventure/encounter set in the Hel milieu. Each of the main battles also provides a way to set up force outside the campaign environment.

The scenarios are written as a supplement for Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish, our free rule set. We also provide guidelines for picking equivalent forces from other gaming systems, if you want.

The .pdf contains:
•Seven scenarios, with set up, terrain diagram, and victory conditions
•Twenty pages of 2D and 3D terrain pieces to cover all the Scenarios
•Stats for infantry, armour, air cavalry, and naval guns in QILS

The weather system in A Season in Hel is the crowning jewel of the game. It is quick and simple to play (no tables, charts, or nomograms), yet provides a robust, unpredictable, yet logical meteorological environment to beat on your troops as they beat on each other. There are even a dozen options for adapting the weather system to other environments like desert, derelict space station, and the toxic atmosphere of Venus (or another like planet).