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Irrational Number Line Games Releases Rumble in the Rubble

Irrational Number Line Games has their new beat-down, drag-out, slobberknocker game Rumble in the Rubble now available. You can get it over in the Wargame Vault.

From the release:

Rumble in the Rubble is a bare knuckles action hero slugfest for 28 mm miniatures. Using an innovative coin based mechanic, RitR lets you jump off a building slashing a chainsaw at your gaming buddies in cinematic style.

For $1.99, this 52 page book contains:

•seven pages of rules
•twelve scenarios and five plot lines for head to head, multiplayer, and tournament play
•22 pages terrain flats and easy-build 3D terrain peices
•3 pages of special ability, weapon, and surprise cards, formatted to print out on a regular laser printer business card page