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Irrational Number Line Games releases Royal Kanadian Mutant Police: Mission of Merci

Irrational Number Line Games has released their new Royal Kanadian Mutant Police mission. This one's a Mission of Merci.


From the release:

The people of Floor-eh-duh are in trouble! A terrible contagion threatens their very existence! Plus, it could spread across the Associated Wastelands of America and in to Kanadia. Now that would be serious.

Mount up with the Royal Kanadian Mutant Police to deliver the serum and scientists the Floorides need. Or stand up your bands of criminals, mutants, rednecks, and savage beasts to try to keep them from reaching the Gates of Floordoor.

The 43 page .pdf contains:
* a brief outline of the post-Event world
* twelve dinner-table sized scenarios that playtested at about 3 hours each
* full stats for a team of RKMP and gear in QILS, our free skirmish rules
* 2D and some simple 3D terrain templates for the scenarios