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Irrational Number Line Games releases Perilous Planet

Irrational Number Line Games has released Perilous Planet, their new sci-fi adventure set.


From the release:

After completing a humanitarian relief delivery of frozen fish-sticks and linear algebra textbooks to the Sector Alfa Orphan-O-Mat, the Space Patrol crew is due for a nice, leisurely and safe warp home. Too bad that's not what they're going to get...

Perilous Planet is an adventure that crash lands your intrepid Space Patrol team with a crippled ship on to a hostile world. Will they find the materials they need to get off the forsaken rock? Can they repair the ship in time? What are we supposed to eat for lunch? These and other questions can only be answered by working your way through the various missions and tasks. The .pdf includes:

- A campaign adventure comprised of ten scenarios with options and terrain variants for lots of replay value
- Full QILS stats for Patroleers, local flora and fauna as well as guidelines to select forces from another gaming system, if you want
- 2D and (simple) 3D terrain templates to cover everything you need to print and play right away
- The leadership of Commander Hugh Jeego; the piloting expertise of Fleur de Pedal and Rex Allot; the quick blaster of Drew Furst; the ... well, you get the idea