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Irrational Number Line Games Releases New Pulp Adventure

Irrational Number Line Games announces that Ace Goodknight is at it again! This time, some dame has him schlepping all over the globe to save her dad. Fortunately, they're well-heeled. Eighty bucks:

From their announcement:

The adventure is set up to allow the different scenes to be arranged for any of the seven different geographic locations, and allows the Red Shadow player to plan for different types of bad guys at each location. Fortunately, as Ace goes along, he will have the opportunity to hire a number of different types of help, too.

The supplement has:

•seven scenarios that can be played in the story arc or one-off
•one geographic location for each continent (that's seven, ya lunkhead!)
•some reasonable black & white and color templates for all needed terrain
•stats for minions of the Red Shadow and hirelings for Ace for our free QILS system
•one (1) damsel in distress
•possibly the worst pulp narrative you have even read to seam it all together!