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Irrational Number Line Games releases Monster of the Week Club game

Irrational Number Line Games has a new horror-themed game available to order. Go check out Monster of the Week Club.


From the release:

Irrational Number Line Games has released a "monster of the week" adventure just in time for your Halloween gaming needs!

The adventure pits a band of heroes against a nefarious mastermind. Over the course of several days, the heroes will uncover clues, gather artifacts, protect the lives of civilians ... and their own! The mastermind's team will wave after wave of minions at the heroes not just trying to knock them off, but also working to deceive them as to the mastermind's identity and deny them the powers that will benefit them the most during the final confrontation!

The supplement contains stats for our free QILS game and guidelines for selecting forces for other gaming systems. There are seven total two-hour scenarios, which can play as one-offs, part of a week-long adventure, or in one of two multi-adventure campaigns.

We also provide a set of simple (no PhD in kirigami required!) terrain pieces (as set of 2D and a set of 3D) and paper miniatures for monsters, heroes, and civilians so you can print them out and start playing right away.