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Irrational Number Line Games Releases Haywire Robot Scenario

Irrational Number Line Games has released their new Haywire Robot scenario. Can you keep the space barge from crashing its load of toxic waste into the Earth. I'm sure the citizens would appreciate it if you could.


From them to you:

There is a problem with the robot crew of the SPSS Awesomer Gossamer. For some reason, they seem intent on crashing the ship, and its 70-teraton cargo of radioactive waste, into the Earth. Fortunately, Space Patrol is at hand to avert the catastrophe! Your mission is to take a small boarding party, sneak-lie-cheat-blast your way through, and shut them down before they turn Earth into a cinder.

This supplement for Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish, our free gaming system, pits two teams of players against each other with blasters blazing, cargo pods exploding, and if you're daring enough, blasting the shuttle engines in the hangar bay!

The 73-page booklet contains:
•Full QILS stats for Space Patrol teams (with hundreds of options) and robots
•Four configurable ships layouts with thousands of replay variants
•Over 40 pages 2D and optional 3D (simple) terrain so you can print and play
•Solo play rules

Special Bonus!

Haywire includes the solo game Devil to Pay. You are a new recruit to Space Patrol, and there's no better place to see the galaxy than outside the skin of the ship, where you will have to dodge well-intentioned (?) service-bots, meteors, disgorging trash, and other hazards while getting your routine maintenance done!