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Irrational Number Line Games Releases Beer and Pretzels Dirigible Mayhem

Irrational Number Line Games has releasted a new beer'n'pretzels game of lumbering hot-air combat on Wargame Vault:

From their website:

The game takes a little planning as both momentum and latency of response are key parts of the mechanic. Too aggressive and a midair collision will wipe out you and your enemy. Too conservative and you are a sitting duck. Blimp. Whatever.

These book contains:

* six pages of rules, resplendent with diagrams
* seven scenarios for head to head, multiplayer, and tournament play
* simple snip-n-flip models for blimps, überblimps, hot air baloons and a dragon ... aw, man, how did that get in there?
* terrain flats, so you can have citites to destroy with your dirigibles
* maneuver cards, formatted to print right out on a standard 10 business card sheet
* suggestions for in-game onomatopoeia!

Run for your lives! Well ... walk for your lives. But skedaddle, nonetheless.