Irrational Number Line Games Releases a New Hobby Article

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Nov 14th, 2011

Irrational Number Line Games Releases a New Hobby Article:

From their announcement:

Irrational Number Line Games provides a review of the plusses and minuses of using Character Building’s Dr. Who Dalek toys for 28mm gaming. Side by side comparisons with popular mini lines provided.

…and a really cool repaint!

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  • Sejanus

    This is a non issue really….Black Tree Design has great looking Daleks and they are frequently onsale.
    Plus why would you be comparing plastic toys to Heroclix when everyone knows Heroclix are also a tad out of scale from time to time and set to set.
    The logic of a buck a fig is nice but honestly…how often can one make that truly happen?
    Sometimes you have to be willing to pay for yoru hobby, not just cheap your way through it with half hearted tries.

    • I wouldn’t say that this is a non-issue. It is just an option for obtaining figures, the same way BTD is. We tried to provide some info about scale comparisons to people who might be interested. We compared them to HeroClix for the same reason we compared them to GW figures, AT-43, DUST Tactics, and the others — they were good candidate figures we thought that people might want to use in a pulp scifi scenario with Daleks.

      As far as a buck a figure goes, we achieve it quite frequently. If you search TGN for “irrational” or visit and check the idea of the week archive for figure conversions, the other figure conversion articles shown are less than a buck a figure … sometimes considerably less. The articles are more about putting heart into your minis instead of just throwing money at it.

      The CB Daleks are not a “cheap your way through” option (they are roughly similar in price to the BTD ones). I’m not sure what’s half hearted about them, either. In the article we make the point that these were nicely produced, usable, and worth the price, depending on what you would use them for.

  • Yep, Black Tree Design sell Dr Who minis, but they have one of the worst reputations in the hobby for taking several months (and I speak from personal experience) to fill an order and even then getting it wrong.

    And BTD’s Dr Who minis are unlicenced too.

    • Sejanus

      Actually I have had no issues with them for shipping and have done many orders with them with a very fast turn around time. As for saying they are unlicensed this too is incorrect. They are out of production and old stock. They were licensed and produced legally…they just cannot still be produced and are not. Selling old stock however is fine.

      So not really sure what yer driving at.