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Irrational Number Line Games Publishes Pulp Detective Scenario

Irrational Number Line Games has a new detective scenario out there for all you pulp RPG fans.


From the release:

For just $.99, you can pit hard-boiled detective Ace Goodknight against prim and proper sleuth Penny Dreadful in a race to retrieve the jade elephant from the clutches of the nefarious Yu Noh Hu and his henchpersons Lo Fat and Tan Kyu!

The supplement contains:
•a total of seven system independent skirmish scenarios
•2D and 3D paper terrain templates so you can print and play right away
•tailored stats for our free QILS system
•guidelines to substitute another system for QILS
•solo play options for the head-to-head scenarios
•samples of the worst dialogue and most hackneyed writing you have ever laid eyes on!