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Irrational Number Line Games Publishes Phenomenally Cosmic Power Superhero Scenarios

Irrational Number Line Games has released their supplement Phenomenally Cosmic Power so you can add some super hero combat fun to your minis games.

From the release:

Really, really powerful superhero characters are not just tough to beat, they're also tough to game. Most systems have problems when bringing together significantly uneven forces. To help overcome this, we've published a dozen of our scenarios that manage those issues but still let you sling your spandex around.

The book includes:

* Twelve scenarios with variants enough to keep the threats coming again and again
* Twenty-Eight pages of simple terrain templates so you can just print and play
* Six hero archetypes, and over twenty premade heroes and Phenomenally Cosmic Entities
* Guidelines for recasting the scenarios in pulp, fantasy, scifi, and other genres where it's good to fight an obscenely powered entity every once in a while