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Irrational Number Line Games publishes Bronze Age Scenarios

Irrational Number Line Games has some Bronze Age scenarios up for their Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish system.

From the announcement:

It is the late Bronze Age. Empires are crumbling. Hordes are forming. Heroes are rising. And there is a cloud of dust on the horizon.

Heroes of Urartu is a supplement for Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish, our free rule set, staged on the Anatolian plateau in the late Bronze Age. Five ancients empires are presented for head to head battle and campaign play. You will field everything from civilians to the heroes that legends are based upon. There are also single hero scenarios that you can play head to head or as solo games. And just to fill things out, there are some optional fantasy forces - not D&D style magic wielding supermonsters, but rather gritty and savage beasts and men (and women) of ancient legend.

The booklet contains:

14 Tactical Scenarios (head to head, naval, solo) with tons of variants
Stats for over 50 unit types: civilians, commons, leaders, heroes, etc.
10 Pages of flats to get you started playing without buying new terrain
Campaign rules for a strategic game that overlays the tactical scenarios