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Irrational Number Line Games now online

Irrational Number Line Games is now online offering their own free rules as well as gaming ideas. From their announcement:
Irrational Number Line Games has staked out a little piece of the Internet to call home, where we offer ideas, suggestions, and tools to help do what we love to do ... make people in our households ask when the dinner table will be empty again! We will be posting an "Idea of the Week" for mini conversions, terrain techniques, or game tricks and tips. We also have a few things for sale along the lines of quick-and-dirty (and cheap!) terrain or tools to help you make your own. We have a flagship game, Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish (QILS), which is FREE, and look forward to publishing our playtested supplements for different genres under the system. We also hope to field a few of beer-and-pretzels type games that will get your minis and terrain out on the table and scrapping it up without hours of reading and set up. Cheers, etotheipi