Irrational Number Line Games Lost Their Treasure…

Irrational Number Line Games has their The Lost Treasure of Tan Akihr quest adventure tabletop minis game scenario up online for your gaming pleasure.

Lost Treasure


From the release:

The Lost Treasure of Tan Akihr is a basic quest adventure set as a tabletop wargame for three to seven players. The adventure is presented with stats for our Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish game, but is written so it is fairly easy to substitute in forces from just about any game you already happen to play.

The adventure itself is pretty stock in trade – trek out to the abandoned ruin wherein lies a fabled treasure, grab it, and get back. The way the adventure is set up, players will have to cooperate to survive, but ultimately are really in it for themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean backstabbing (it doesn’t preclude it, either). In playtest, it was usually a better strategy to be the go-to guy whose personal objective was aligned with overall party success, rather the the guy who was obviously out for himself.

The .pdf includes:

Stats for heroes and bad guys
Three and seven encounter plot lines with eighteen variants each
Setups for each encounter including special rules and sample maps
Ten pages of 2D and some simple 3D terrain templates

All that prepped in the background so that the game still plays fast and furious.