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Irrational Number Line Games is Stranding Aliens on Earth in Various Centuries

Irrational Number Line Games is pleased to release Troll/Chupacabra, their new Sci-Fi/Horror Double Feature scenarios.



From the post:

As if crashing on some backwater world isn't bad enough, the plants don't have any bonded iron in them. But the animals do. And if it's a choice between hunting (barely) sentient beings or stranding me and my bioship here ... well, no choice, really ...

But this double feature gives you the choice of pitting the alien against a Medieval Scandinavian village or a small town of Mexicans in the 19th Century. And with the variants and extra rules at the end, more options beyond that (like Romanians, Colonial Egyptians, Ancient Desert People, or even Hillbillies).

The 62 page .pdf contains:

• Two main scenarios and four variants
• Twenty pages of print and play terrain pieces to cover all the Scenarios
• Stats for the aliens, villagers, and the hero in our free QILS system
• Guidelines to move the action to the tabletop rules of your choice