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Irrational Number Line Games presents Film Noir Double Feature

Irrational Number Line Games presents Film Noir Double Feature:

From their announcement:

Irrational Number Line Games has released a pair of two player games requiring keen insight, attention to detail, and a little knuckledusting, too. Both games are set up with an overarching plotline driven by a deck of (stacked) cards, so that while every game is different, they are not completely random either. Coming out on top will require good fights and deductive logic. Too little of either, and you'll wind up behind the eight ball. There are a total of ten system indepdent skirmish scenarios, which are designed for lots of replay value depending on how the storyline cards come out.

A number of aids are provided to help you get playing:

* paper terrain templates
* simple paper film noir style figures
* tailored stats for INLGames' QILS system
* hints to pull the scenes out for one-off play
* some of the works dialogue and most hackneyed writing you have ever seen!