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Ironwatch Mantic Fan Magazine Issue 03 Released

Ironwatch, the Mantic fan magazine, now has issue 3 available to download for your reading pleasure. In this issue:

The crew of Ironwatch is pleased to bring you yet another installment of the Mantic-approved fan magazine!

Inside, see the thrilling finale to the Warpath tale "Asset Procurement," by Michael Grey; Find out how you can play a fast-paced Kings of War skirmish game in the ruins of a cursed city in "The Star-Struck City," by Austin Peasley; and read more about the unHolded dwarf lord and his struggle to carve out a legacy for his people in "The Owl and the Blade," by John Hoyland.

In addition, be sure to check out or previous two issues, and keep an eye out for our monthly releases. You can also contact us either on the Wordpress blog or the Mantic forums if you'd be interested in contributing pictures of your minis or writing articles as well!

Thanks again, and Welcome to the Watch!