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Ironwatch Issue 43 Now Available

Well, it had been nice outside for a while. But it seems that a little reinforcing shot of winter is coming back through. Sure, we're not getting the snow that's about to be dumped on our more Northern states, but (at least for Atlanta) it's kinda cold outside. Best to stay inside and read a gaming magazine. Thankfully, there's a new issue of Irowatch (issue 43, specifically), we can read over.

So what's in this issue? Well, along with the usual Iron Forge and Mantic Calendar, there's a look at Star-Struck City, the new game that Ironwatch has put out. There's a look at how to build the Ironwatch Rifles unit. A tutorial on building buildings is also in there. Some Dungeon Saga scenarios, and more are all inside.

And, as always, it's free to download.