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Ironwatch Issue 41 Now Available

Well, it's just rainy all over everywhere. Probably shouldn't be out driving around too much if you can avoid it. Might not be a bad idea to stay inside and do some reading. Oh, hey, look at that. Ironwatch Issue 41 is now available. You can read that.

So what can you expect in this issue? Well, there's the Iron Forge, showing off professional-quality paintjobs of various Mantic products, plus the Mantic Calendar, as they usually have. Moving on from there, they've got the final part of the Reclamation Song saga. Then they've got a tutorial on making overgrown walls to hide behind. If you don't want overgrown walls, there's a tutorial on making rocky terrain for your sci-fi games. All that and more in this issue, which is free to download, just so you know.