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Ironwatch Issue 31 is out Now

Ironwatch, the Mantic fan magazine, has issue 31 now available for your downloading and reading pleasure. Full of articles about upcoming Mantic events (both by the company and just at local gaming shops), alternate rules for all of Mantic's games, and special scenarios you won't find elsewhere, this magazine once more expands your playing potential for your favorite Mantic game.


From the release:

Table of Contents:

Iron Forge 4
See the amazing array of top tier paintjobs from our team of professional-quality painters.

The Mantic Calendar 14
Learn what Mantic related events and tournaments are upcoming in your area.

Advertisements 56
Our section where you can advertise your local Mantic game group or store for free!

Printouts 58
Check here for the cards for Mechzone and the Dreadball Ice Pack

Kings of War, Dungeon Saga, and Dwarf King’s Hold:

The Hero of Hedekaruna, by Davyd P. Nash 20
Lead your troops to victory in this Choose-you-own-Adventure story

Teach Them to Fear the Elves Again, by Jason Moorman 32
Follow Jason as he recounts his force’s clashes in a recent tournament

The Bloodstone of Cerillion, by Jonathan Peace 48

Warpath, Project Pandora, Dreadball, and Deadzone:

The Dreadball Ice Pack, by Rob Taylor 40
This article introduces new MVPs, rules, and cards for use with frozen icy Dreadball pitches

Mechzone, by Jon Peletis 48
Use your Striders, Iron Ancestors, and Stuntbots in a mechanical free-for-all with these rules

Mars Attacks:

Tips on Painting Bel, by Boston Miniatures 53
Boston Miniatures gives us their tips on how to paint the Mars Attacks Human hero Beloss Bel