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Ironwatch Issue 29 is now out

Ironwatch, the fan-created Mantic magazine, has issue 29 out now for your downloading and reading pleasure. Included inside you'll find chilling new fiction for Kings of War with "Deathtime Story," a new MVP for Dreadball who proves you can teach and old player new tricks, and a new scenario for Mars Attacks. There's also a calendar of upcoming Mantic releases and a Q&A with Chris Palmer. Go get a copy for yourself.


From the post:

Happy New Year!

This issue we have available the chilling "Deathtime Story" from Kings of War as a necromancer consoles the dying, "The Sixth Rush" from Dreadball as an ex-professional player gets a mysterious and dangerous new contract, "The Ambush" from Mars Attacks as the Humans attampt to secure a secret weapon from the Martians, and much more!