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Ironwatch Games Releases The Star-Struck City

Ironwatch is branching out from their fan magazine base and has released their first game. It's called Star-Struck City. And by "Star-Struck" it's really more "meteor-struck" but since those are often called "shooting stars" it still does kinda fit but... you know, I'll stop being so pedantic and just get on with telling you about the game.

The city of Casa-Omnicidi has been hit by a meteor and sent beneath the waves. However, there's still plenty of opportunity as players send their heroes through this waterlogged city in search of shards of that meteor (sounds kinda familiar, but waddyagonnado?). Warbands of 5-15 models fight it out in the murky depths. As you play, character gain experience, abilities, and new gear. The rules are based around the Kings of War rules, so if you're familiar with those, you'll have a leg-up on gameplay.

This version they have up on their website is sort of a "lite" version with a more "deluxe" version coming soon.