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Ironwatch Annual Year 1 Now Available

Yes, Ironwatch has been around for more than just 1 year. But that means that some of those older issues might not be as easy to come across. Or maybe you'd like to have it all in one place. Well, they've gone and bundled them together in their first Annual, which you can get now.

From the announcement:

Started back in August of 2012, Ironwatch’s first year contained a variety of awesome content, and we’ve selected some of the cream of the crop for your reading enjoyment. Relive the exciting moments of Lazarus or the opening installment of Breach, learn about how to paint eyes on elves and craft your own Dwarven special weapons squad (complete with gore!), follow the adventures of the Weedy Elves and the excitement of the first Dreadball matches with A Word from Our Sponsors.