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Iron Wind Metals Running Ral Partha's Chaos Wars Kickstarter Campaign

Iron Wind Metals has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Chaos Wars from Ral Partha. This is a re-release of the classic fantasy miniatures skirmish game. The 48 miniatures in the set were sculpted by the legendary Tom Meier. The minis for this campaign will be all-new casts of the master minis. The campaign has already reached their funding goal, so it's on to stretch goals, where backers will have a voice in deciding which army will be the next to be released for the project.
The campaign still has another 19 days to go.

From the campaign:

In celebration of Ral Partha's 40th Anniversary, Iron Wind Metals is re-igniting the Chaos Wars. For the last 12 years, gamers and collectors have been contacting Iron Wind, asking for us to re-release the old Elves, Goblins, Orcs, etc. So this is how we're hoping to get that ball rolling.

This kickstarter is to get Wave 1 of the Chaos Wars releases produced. The Dollar Goals are set to cover the cost of casting new masters, creating production molds, paying for the metal needed, and giving a pay-check to the many casters, mold makers, and personnel that a project like this requires.

Wave 1 consists of 24 Elves and 24 Orcs and Goblins, from Ral Partha's original 01-Personalities, 02-Fantasy Collector, and 12-All-American ranges.

Iron Wind is committed to continuing this project as long there remains enough interest to cover production costs. If you look further down the page, you will see the outlined plan for the rest of the Chaos Wars Armies. So if you've been hoping for us to bring back the old Chaos Warriors, or Doom Thumpers, or whatever, just look down the list and see what the future may hold. When we meet our goal for this Kickstarter, once the obligations for this wave are met, we will pursue the releases of other armies through various means. Everyone who participated in this Kickstarter will get a vote on what army comes next. Iron Wind looks forward to continuing this project with the support of the gaming community.