Iron Wind Metals launches BattleTech LAM Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Feb 1st, 2013

Iron Wind Metals launched their Kickstarter project to fund a 9 new BattleTech Word of Black Spectral LAM minis.

From the project:

Pewter Waneta, Yurei and Pwwka Spectral LAM mechs in ground, hybrid and air modes from Iron Wind Metals – designed by Stephen Huda

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  • Grindar

    Love the Waneta (the one pictured), but not digging $24 a mini for battletech, and that’s if you get the 3-pack!

    • ctaylor

      Agreed. That’s the first LAM I’ve seen that looks good. LAMs always seemed shoehorned into the universe. They are the red-headed stepchildren of BattleTech (no offense to red-headed stepchildren reading this…)

  • Twisted Victor

    IWM has a ridiculous back log of fan funded projects that they have yet to release including an entire set of the reseen LAMs which have been funded for years, and still not released. They have an extremely poor record when it comes to releases in a timely fashion.

    • Grindar

      Heck, even this project they explicitly say even when it’s funded, they’ll do the initial shipment and then sit on the molds for a year and a half.

  • Redeye

    I love Battletech, but I have to agree- IWM’s handling of the line is atrocious. I know it’s a petty, first-world problem, but seeing this kickstarter actually made me angry. A hundred and eighty-five dollars for nine minis? For my $150 pledge to Rivet Wars I’m getting several times that number, and someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I strongly suspect their line about 3D printing vs. sculpting to be bogus as well.

  • Paint it Pink

    LAMs are cool, but as CGL have basically said that they are extinct in universe after the Jihad, and were functionally extinct by the end of the Clan Invasion then this KS project is really for the hard core LAM junkies. As such the prices don’t surprise me, because they will be limited sales as most BT players will not be playing with them.

    If you want t play with LAMs them going down the Robotech route surely makes more sense?

    But hey, WTF do I know?

    • Grindar

      These are explicitly Jihad-era mechs. They’re from Jihad: Final Reckoning, some of the prototypes Blake was developing on earth.

      You’d have to point out where CGL said they were dead after the Jihad because they make a comeboack in TRO 3085 and it’s implied that the tech base has recovered enough with the rise of the new government that LAMs are going back into production.

  • I love these sculpts save for one thing- They have no heads. I’m not sure why that was a design choice. Perhaps as part of the effort to distance themselves from the Robotech fighters they were initially based on?
    For me, it just ruins the aesthetic of the design. And mentally I can’t get over the fact that, with no head (and the window/camera/sensors that would come with said appendage) the pilot is running the mech from it’s crotch.
    If they just put a head on there, they’d be fantastic.

    • Twisted Victor

      You are right. If the pilot was to use his natural sight he would be starring at the ground. The only really desirable LAM model is it’s hybrid mode, as that is really where the Mech has any advantage over its ground based version and if you use it as an aerotech fighter, there are plenty of those to choose from already. In hybrid mode the LAMs make the most sense and the cockpits actually work.

      • Grindar

        They can’t build a cockpit chair that pivots up?