Iron Wind Metals BattleForce Starter Boxes coming soon

By tgn_admin
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May 6th, 2011

Starter Set 1Catalyst Game Labs have posted details of the two upcoming BattleForce Starter Boxes coming from Iron Wind Metals.

From their website:

BattleForce is the BattleTech game of lightning-fast combat. The rules ramp up standard-style game play to a fast-playing system that retains the feel of BattleTech.

Iron Wind Metals is releasing two BattleForce-scale miniatures starter boxes. For those that have never tried their hands at BattleForce, check out the free quick-start rules here (the full rules are contained in Strategic Operations).

10-048 BattleForce-scale Starter Box 1-Inner Sphere: 3 Lances (12 ‘Mechs) $44.95
Includes Atlas, Barghest, BattleMaster, Dervish, Emperor, Gallowglass, Legionnaire, Mad Cat MK II, Nexus II, Rifleman, Starslayer, Wolfhound

10-049 BattleForce-scale Starter Box 2-Clan: 2 Stars (10 ‘Mechs) $39.95
Includes Hellion Prime, Vixen, Cougar, Jenner IIC, Fenris, Grendel, Shadow Cat, Nove Cat, Mad Cat, Kodiak

Note: These miniatures work hand-in-hand with the Starter: Fist and Falcon PDF.

  • tredhed


    Ok how big is the Battleforce scale? This has me intrigued.

    • Zac

      According to Randall they are half the size of regular Mechs

      • evernevermore (John)

        Wait where does it say they are 6mm? Thats around what they are supposed to be scaled to already, as thats approximately the mini scale.

  • evernevermore (John)

    Its a scale of battle as opposed to anything else. The bottom end of Battleforce would be what you see in the boxes, with the top end being whatever you can handle. Record keeping is trimmed down from what you encounter in standard Battletech. Id suggest downloading the free rules they have to skim.

  • mechjag

    Think Apocalypse for battletech. It’s large scale combat. You want to invade a world, battleforce is the system to use.

  • tredhed

    Sorry….I should have been more specific….though Zac caught my meaning. I was interested in size.

  • Blarg D Impaler

    The mechs are around Epic scale (6 mm) in size. They have been displayed at Origins and Gencon in the last year or so.

    Who wants to hear a story? (You do, be quiet and read.) Several (15 to 20?) years ago the guys at Ral Partha, on their own initiative, sculpted and cast 5x 6mm scale battlemech miniatures and presented a couple sets of them to Fasa. Fasa was the game company that made Battletech all those years ago. Fasa turns down the idea of sculpting and casting more for a new Battletech related game. The few that were cast were kept by the Ral Partha guys and were eventually given away one by one to friends in the industry and hobby.

    Ral Partha eventually becomes Iron Wind Metals.

    A certain engineer, who happened to be doing editing work for a certain Dayton, OH based wargame company (now defunct) saw one of these tiny mechs and demanded to know more. Once he was told where the tiny Atlas came from he promptly realised the tragedy inflicted upon the universe by FASA’s decision. Something had to be done.

    Years later the same engineer got the opportunity to do some pro-bono engineering work for Iron Wind Metals. While he was doing this engineering work he found out more about the Atlas and his 4 friends. This same engineer then sung the praises of the tiny mechs. He then told the tale about how another company that made large spaceship miniatures remade the miniatures in a smaller “Fleet Action” scale and sold lots of them.

    Mike Noe, President of Iron Wind Metals, a wise and sagacious man beyond his years, eventually decided to have more copies of these small mechs cast and presented them to Catalyst Game Labs during a face to face meeting. In a rare moment of lucidity many of the Catalyst Games Labs people realised the potential of these 6mm scaled miniatures. I’m going to guess that these products grew out of that discussion.

    Should the engineer in the story claim credit for these miniatures going to market? No. But I am sure that the engineer is a much happier person now.

    By the way, I bet these minis would be great for regular Battletech also. I encourage you guys to buy a lot of these and play Battleforce. They are in the Strategic Operations book, the same book with the updated, corrected miniatures rules – a must read for anyone looking to play hexless Battletech along the lines of 40K ad Warmachine.

    • Zac

      Well I hope that the anonymous engineer feels better about finally getting these to market 😉