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Iron Wind Metals announces Galactic - Conflict in the Stars

Iron Wind Metals have announced the release of a new fleet-scale sci-fi space combat game called Galactic - Conflict in the Stars. Figures and rules are available on their online store. From their website:
Iron Wind Metals is pleased to announce a great new product for sale now on our website - "Galactic - Conflict in the Stars" by Kirk Alderfer and Arbron Imagineering. Galactic is a fast paced fleet scale space battle system for tactical combat with Battle-Cruisers, Frigates, Carriers, Fighters, and more. We currently offer close to two dozen unique space vessels, as well as PDF downloads of the Basic Rules and Release One Record Sheets, with more vessels on the way. Now you too can recreate the battles of old as well as plan new campaigns that send your fleets into the void to explore, combat and conquer. Enter the realm of Galactic: Conflict in the Stars today...