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Iron Man II 24 hour painting marathon for charity is looking for your support

Iron Man II, the 24 hour painting marathon for charity, is looking for your support.

From the program:

Please support this great cause by donating to our cause.

We're running a 24-hour painting marathon for Save the Children. Please check out this great charity's work at Our target is for a group of us to paint 48 British WW2 soldiers and sell them off to raise some cash, plus individuals will be painting their own miniature figures for sponsorship pledges. If we can raise £500 we can really help. I have set it up through JustGiving so that there is no need to handle money and so that StC can gain through GiftAid (UK taxpayers), meaning that an extra 25% on top of what you donate will go to the charity.

So, get over to the forum at and get yourself down to the event. If you cannot make it, pledge to get your own project completed at home and send your donation in via the JustGiving page.

Thanks to Firestorm Games for providing the venue and to Great Escape Games for donating the figures.

So please dig deep and donate now.