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Iron & Honor Fantasy Skirmish Rules Now Available

Iron & Honor Fantasy Skirmish Rules Now Available

Red Turban Press now has their Iron & Honor fantasy skirmish rules available over in their webshop. Not just that, but the book’s on sale for 33% off during this introductory period. The game allows you to use whatever miniatures you want, letting you build your character’s abilities from the ground up. Using only 6-10 minis and played on a 3′ square space, the game is small enough you can take your figures pretty much anywhere and play.


From the website:

Iron & Honor is a miniature wargaming rule set for playing fantasy skirmishes. The game is designed to be quick to learn and quick to play! And, best of all, you can use any miniatures in your collection. Iron & Honor allows you to create the attributes, skills, and special abilities for your characters and the tactical approach of your skirmish party.

Iron & Honor is a 2 player game (though multi-player games are possible) designed to be played with 6 to 9 28/32mm figures per player on a 3’ by 3’ playing surface. The game uses a randomized activation mechanism to determine which player’s character gets to act and how effective a character is when she acts. In other words, both players are continually active throughout the game, so you’re always engaged in the game.